“Behind every adopted rescue pet is an enormous amount of hard work, heartbreak, and sacrifice by extraordinary people who quietly make those adoptions possible. This endearing and heartwarming rescue memoir is filled with memorable, idiosyncratic characters, human and otherwise, and reminds us that for all the world’s problems, angels walk among us.”

Peter Zheutlin

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Comically narrated by Rebecca Tinnes, this moving and inspiring collection of animal rescue stories begins in the late nineties when Rebecca discovered a nearby high kill animal shelter. Her short, meaningful, and entertaining stories share, encourage and enlighten animal lovers as to how they too can help bring our country to become a no kill nation.

These are the memorable stories of one woman’s dream and determination to save cats and dogs on death row, and the loving people who showed up and made it possible.

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I Will Take You Home

In 1989, I was in my early twenties when I left the Midwest behind and made my way to Jackson Hole Wyoming. Born with a giving nature, and a caretaker to elderly and disabled people, I had dreamed of making a positive difference in this world with my life. Shortly after I arrived in the valley, I had heard about a small no-kill shelter over Teton mountain pass in Driggs, Idaho, just forty minutes from my home in Jackson. My strong affection for animals, had stirred my curiosity and I wanted to help their cats and dogs.  

I took home my first foster dog from the Driggs shelter, but it was not enough for me or for them, to help just one animal. In my efforts to find their animals loving homes I then set up mobile adoption events in Jackson Hole. My adoption events attracted a cast of clever, talented, and hilarious characters. Our adoptions grew quickly, like a wildfire throughout the valley. After just a few of these events, we had placed over two hundred kittens, cats, dogs, and puppies. 

Those successful adoption events fueled my fire to implement more events that showcased the shelter animals. With the goal of raising more awareness and finding more potential adopters I had a fashion show, a dance party, and a wine tasting where we auctioned off a helicopter trip flown by Harrison Ford (Yeah, that Harrison Ford).

Not long after those huge gatherings people began referring to me as the puppy pusher, the crazy cat lady, or the dog lady. But it was my extreme sensitivity and quick tendencies to tears that gave my longtime, loveable boyfriend Olaf, the idea to nickname me Cupcake over thirty years ago. He was strong and sensible, and repeatedly encouraged me when I got overly emotional and said,

“You better toughen up Ya little Cupcake. It’s a harsh, cruel world out there and sometimes you have to be brave.” 


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