Fifteen years ago, I was longing for a new dog, specifically a rescued Pug. I reached out to my good friend, dog rescuer, Cupcake who also loves Pugs. In two days, she introduced me to Simon…a handsome, warm, overly friendly, exuberant little bundle. He changed my life. He went everywhere with me. He was my assistant nanny and hovered over the babies we took care of; kissing and licking them, retrieving their toys for them, whining at me if they cried. When my babies began to toddle, they held on to the side of my coffee table and chased Simon as he slowly walked in front of them. He let them grab his tail.  

He was a favorite at the local deli and liquor store, they showered him with treats and love. He was visited daily by his fans at my daughter’s boutique at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Teton Village. The door men at the Four-Seasons hotel loved him and always welcomed Mr. Simon with a big smile.    

He lived with me in a retirement home and became the ambassador there. Everyone one greeted him on our outings, and he approached everyone with a twitching tail, and put smiles on their faces.

He died at 14 years old, and we all mourned. I miss cuddling him in my lap, getting his morning kisses and licks. Every day was a special day for my dear loving, funny Simon.
And he made it a special day for everyone he saw!

Thank you, Cupcake!

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